Friday, May 10, 2013

Ca(OH)2(aq) + CO2(g) -> CaCO3(s) + H2O(l)..... Sepia Saturday

This week's theme:
Chemistry...never forgotten !!
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I know all (both?) my readers have forgotten the basics of their chemistry teaching, but your favourite blogger has not!! Surely you do not forget bubbling  your breath through limewater and seeing it go cloudy??  I must try it again sometime as these days I like to write my blogs with a small glass of CH3CH2OH (from Scotland!) and a dash of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms connected by covalent bonds, and I wonder if these extra molecules may have a very different result ?


Here I am !!

Yes, that is really me, in 1962/3, second from left. Bubbling my Ca(OH)2(aq) + CO2(g) -> CaCO3(s) + H2O(l) experiment,  at St Anselm's School, Bakewell, Derbyshire. "No child's memory was harmed by this experiment". As evidence....I recall it is George Key to the left and Frederick Tanner to the right.
(Courtesy WW Winter)

So why is my blog so short this week?

Well....the sun came out in England...very temporarily of course...and I ran out of time due to outstanding commitments in the garden.

So please excuse me or I will never get it like it has looked when at its best.



  1. Five points for a perfect match for the photo theme. And that tortoise does very good work after a winter asleep!

    As to your comment on my blog about preserving doorways, I double checked and learned that the whole school facade including the doorway has been preserved to be incorporated into the new building. I hope that your Normanton Road Annex gets similar treatment. I sometimes think that Sepians often get into a synchronicity from thinking in harmony about a theme.

  2. Love your science photo. I wish I had some of myself at school, but alas..... However I love your garden even more. No wonder you did not want to spend time indoors at the computer. I'd be outside in your garden too.

  3. Wow - I am really impressed by that photo of you in the chemistry class. And particularly for the link at the bottom to Brett's page. I just never ceased to be amazed at his output.

  4. I do not remember that experiment. I do remember working with some chemical that we were warned to be careful around because it would stain our skin black or brown - was it silver nitrate? I don't know what it was, but I did snag a few stains on my hand from it.

  5. Your photo matches the theme perfectly! Love the shot of the garden, btw. Gotta seize those sunny days!

  6. Thanks for reminding me of how much chemistry I had forgotten - especially the simple thinks.
    Oundle used to be one of the 'local' schools we competed against from Stamford - cricket and boxing in my day.

  7. A great classroom photo to have. I don't have any.

    Your garden is beautiful.

  8. Your classroom photo looks very much like what I remember. Same kind of tables, stools, little sink in the table, the test tube holders, and Bunsen burners. I don't remember that we ever had lab coats to wear though.

    And your garden is fabulous!

  9. Oh, those wretched stools! They were brutal! And I never got a lab coat, either.
    On a lighter note, your garden is simply gorgeous...

  10. Your chemistry photo is perfect for this week's theme.

  11. Lucky you, our spring has been so spotty and vacant as well! I just adore that clear and excellent photo of your classroom, you look so hard at work and enjoying yourself! I wish I had a photo of my school days, how lucky you are!

  12. Great school picture. I don't think I ever had any pictures taken of me in the classroom, whereas of course the kids today have 100's thanks to their phones.

  13. You definitely win the prize for having a photo so close to the prompt photo. Is that from your yearbook?
    Lovely garden.

  14. What a stunning garden! Lots of natural chemistry going on there.

  15. Top marks for remembering which experiment it was, although I'm thinking perhaps a little license was taken.