Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ladies and Gents!! ..........................for Sepia Saturday 171

"Ladies and Gents..........
........Mr Conway Twitty!"

If you are not a Family Guy fan you will not understand....I will not explain.......please just read on........there are some Sepia photos later !

This weeks theme: Conway Castle.
Sepia Saturday provides bloggers with an opportunity to share their history through the medium of photographs. Historical photographs of any age or kind become the launchpad for explorations of family history, local history and social history in fact or fiction, poetry or prose, words or further images. Click here to learn more.

Yes indeed.... the Ladies and Gents of Conway (Conwy)

....or to be more accurate, in Welsh, Merched a  Dynion.

I cannot for the life of me think the entrance to these
 public toilets are a suitable pose for a postcard.

Also in the old photo was..............

..........Conway Castle.........the ancestral home of Mr Conway Twitty.

An important element of Welsh-British heritage, the castle became redundant in the mid 20th century after the Welsh were finally pacified, and was exported stone by stone to Hendersonville, Tennessee, just north of Nashville, where Conway Twitty built a country music entertainment complex called Twitty City. [citation needed]

Do you know Conway Twitty? Do you like his music? Do you really?
Do you think I should have provided a link to his music?
Are you serious?
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By the way.............

...some years ago I bought an old image post card in Bala, not far from Conway. I feel sure its the same old man coming out of the public loo. Its a small country, Wales.

Probably one of the last old men to knit socks in Bala.

So what was behind these mysterious public doors? What was it like then?

Luckily I am able to give you some idea as my great grandfather, William Slater, predicted that one day all the trade catalogues he used in his business from trade competitors would come in useful for blogging. I now present you with just a tiny selection of images from my collection, definitely qualifying as Sepia this week:

William Slater, front, white beard, at his Coxbench Quarry, circa 1910.
(own collection)

Suitable, I'm certain, for ladies who natter..........................

.......and for one handed men who like to use Twitter.......

Doulton & Co. January 1900.

Looks much like the type of thing people with poor taste install these days,
and the next house owner rips out immediately.

J&R Howie Ltd, Kilmarnock.
The "Grampian" corner urinal range.
A little too cosy for my own liking.

The "Rugby" lavatory. Oval of course, for carefully washing balls.

The End

Personal message section:

This means you!
 All you Leeds carpenters and joiners! 


  1. I'm a Family Guys fan but I don't get the connection to Conway Twitty. What have I missed?
    I love the photo of the guy knitting.
    The urinal illustrations are too funny.
    Twitty City - that's hilarious. I went to the website and they didn't mention anything about the castle being shipped over from Wales. Seems pretty interesting to me. Conway would probably be rolling over in his grave if he knew of that omission.

    1. One day you will understand the connection Nancy !! In the meantime just carry on with life !!

  2. What a convenient book to have on hand for this theme.

  3. How prophetic of your grandfather! I actually find these things fascinating, and it remeinds me that we used to have a book about the history of the W.C. called 'Clean and Decent' . It always amused me that Thomas Crapper is supposed to be the inventor of the modern flush loo. Love the old gimmer knitting.

  4. Fun post. That photograph of the old knitter is great!

  5. I love the picture of the old man knitting.

    Very contemporary toilets for the 1900. My grandmother wrote about their first inside toilet, which was in the 1940's but on the other side of the family, my father was still digging holes and emptying the old cans from the "thunderbox" in the 1950s.

  6. What a laugh. And I too love the knitter.

  7. An unusual humorous take on the theme - and it kept me guessing as to the connections! Like others, my favourite was the old man knitting.

  8. It is no surprise to me that a man is standing outside the toilets waiting for his lady to come out; it's a candid camera shot of life!

  9. An amazing amount of details can be found in a postcard, if one only knows where to look.

  10. Cool catalogues!!
    From castles to the loo,
    there's only one step to take!!

  11. Well, this sure kept me laughing until I got to the part about the "bad taste sink". It's a little too big for my house but I kind of like it. I guess I have bad taste!

  12. And for the record, I would have voted NO for linking to Conway Twitty. However, his music is the perfect accompaniment to a blog about loos and catalogs for the same.

  13. Ladies who natter and one handed men who use Twitter....what a vision!